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Diploma in Procurement &
Supply Operations


The globally recognized CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply offers learners standardized procurement and supply processes, and career development opportunities, and enhances their professional capabilities.
VILAS has partnered with Advance SCS to launch the program in Vietnam, recognizing the value of professional development for procurement and supply chain personnel.


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Why join CIPS Level 4?

Vietnam has emerged as an attractive destination for multinational corporations in manufacturing and trade, creating numerous development opportunities for the procurement industry. However, this industry faces professional expertise, supply chain integration, and competition challenges. To overcome these challenges and enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of the supply chain, procurement professionals need to be equipped with standardized knowledge and comprehensive skills in the industry.
According to the CIPS Procurement Salary Guide 2022, the average annual salary for all procurement and supply professionals with CIPS Level 4 certificates in Asia is $45,320. Compared to 2020, the salaries of procurement professionals rose by 6.5% in Asia in 2022.
As per a survey conducted by Purchasing Magazine, it was found that professionals with CIPS certification receive 52% more in salary than their non-qualified counterparts.

Market Trend

Salary Trend

What Will I Study?

Effective negotiation skills are crucial to the success of procurement and supply activities. It provides knowledge on analyzing negotiation approaches, preparation, and techniques for achieving successful outcomes in agreements with external parties.
L4M5 - Commercial Negotiation (8 Hours)
Selecting the right external suppliers is crucial for organizational success in procurement and supply. This module trains procurement professionals to develop selection criteria and sourcing strategies, examining sourcing options and ethical considerations.
L4M4 - Ethical and Responsible Sourcing (8 Hours)
This module covers whole-life costing, which considers the lifetime cost of a product or service. It's crucial to consider all elements when deciding to buy, rent, or lease equipment. It covers inventory movement and control methods and helps learners analyze the concept of whole-life cost.
L4M7 - Whole Life Asset Management (8 Hours)
Effective management of supplier relationships is crucial to successful procurement. This module is intended for professionals responsible for managing relationships with external stakeholders and suppliers, including the establishment and development of formal partnerships.
L4M6 - Supplier Relationships (8 Hours)
To successfully source external suppliers, organizations must analyze markets and develop a business case with clear specifications. This module is about how to evaluate market types, develop business cases, and define requirements for effective contract management.
L4M2 - Defining Business Need (8 Hours)
Clear contract definition and compliance with legal requirements are critical to successful procurement and supply operations. This module is designed with contracting responsibilities. It provides skills and knowledge on developing legally binding contracts with suppliers.
L4M3 - Commercial Contracting (8 Hours)
Procurement is essential for an organization to access external resources and meet its strategic goals. Effective procurement involves identifying opportunities in the supply market and implementing strategies that optimize supply outcomes for the organization, stakeholders, and customers. In today's global trading environments, procurement professionals must not only understand the theory but also apply knowledge for the organization's benefit. Our module is designed to test the practical application of procurement and supply concepts in real-world environments where professionals perform.
L4M8 - Procurement and Supply in Practice (16 Hours)
Procurement and supply are essential for organizations to enhance their value-added strategies as it involves significant costs. This module follows the CIPS Procurement Cycle and provides an overview of the key stages associated with procurement and supply. It's designed to help individuals develop an informed awareness of various perspectives and approaches within the discipline. This course is suitable for those who need to address non-routine procurement and supply problems.
L4M1 - Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply (16 Hours)

Our Experts

 Enhance your career with our experts!

Pavan Sharma

Professional Experience
● CIPS Instructor
● Singapore Branch Committee Member | Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply
● Sustainable Procurement Champion for ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Business Alliance | ASEAN Responsible & Inclusive Business Alliance (ARAIBA)
● Former Director, Global Supply Chain | Crystal Jade Culinary Concept Holdings, Singapore
● Former Project Director, Director of Procurement & Logistics | Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore
● Former Senior Manager – Asia Leader for Procurement Policy, Compliance & EHS | SABIC Innovative Plastics, Singapore
● Former Senior Manager, Senior Purchasing Manager of Global Materials | Motorola Mobility, Singapore

Benjamin Wee

Key Projects
▪ Design and Development of Procurement Competency Training Framework (PCTF) | Ministry of Finance, Singapore
▪ Developing Procurement Policies, Procedures and Governance Standards | Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd, Brunei
▪ Procurement Gap Analysis | Tata Telecommunications
▪ Knowledge Based Procurement (KBP) Training Framework Defence Science | Technology Agency, Singapore
▪ Procurement Professional Training Series | Tetra Pak Singapore
▪ …
● Former Senior Manager, SembCorp Logistics Ltd (previously known as. ST Logistics Pte Ltd) Singapore
Professional Experience
● CIPS Instructor
● Director, Advance Supply Training Centre
Gain practical knowledge and tools applicable in the workplace.
Develop skills to tackle complex, non-routine problems.
Understand procurement and supply with theoretical and technical knowledge.
Develop transferable skills such as problem-solving and communication.
Practical skills and knowledge for real-world procurement and supply situations.

Learning Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CIPS certification is a widely recognized global standard in the fields of procurement and supply chain management, with a presence in over 150 countries. Possession of this credential can open up a plethora of opportunities for professionals seeking to advance their career prospects and increase their earning potential within this industry. Accordingly, acquiring the CIPS certification can prove highly advantageous for individuals operating in the procurement and supply domain.
What’s the value of a CIPS qualification?
The CIPS course is geared towards mid to senior-level procurement and supply chain managers, as well as professionals who possess at least two years of relevant industry experience or have successfully completed the CIPS Level 3 certification.
Who should attend this CIPS Level 4 training course?
To be eligible for the CIPS Level 4 diploma program, prospective candidates must fulfill one of the following requirements:
1) At least 2 years experience in an operational or managerial role in procurement, purchasing, supply chain, or commercial environment
2) Alternatively, a degree or have successfully completed the CIPS Level 2 & CIPS Level 3 certification in procurement & supply

What are the requirements to enroll?
The CIPS exam serves as a qualifying assessment for professionals seeking to obtain the CIPS certification. Participants have the option to take either a paper-based or computer-based exam. Although the exam is considered to be challenging, it is possible to pass with the aid of appropriate guidance and a well-organized preparation plan that comprehensively covers the core modules of the CIPS Level 4 certification.
Is the CIPS exam challenging?


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